Mini Dental Implants
in Kirkwood, MO

Do you live in Kirkwood, MO and are looking for a dental procedure to replace missing teeth or to stabilize loose dentures? If so, mini dental implants in Kirkwood, MO are the procedure for you. Mini dental implants in Kirkwood, Missouri are an affordable dental procedure for individuals faced with missing teeth or other dental problems. Missing teeth may be due to previous extraction or natural detachment. Mini dental implants also give individuals with ill-fitting dentures a chance to have them tightened and firmly fitted. Mini dental implants solve the problem of having loose, uncomfortable dentures. Although that perfect smile may seem out of reach, mini dental implants in the Kirkwood area put that desire within your reach.

Bad teeth can be a major problem to any person. Not only are they unattractive, but they also lower self-esteem resulting in a lack of confidence. To effectively solve your dental problem, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert F. Thomure, a mini dental implant dentist in Kirkwood, MO. Dr. Thomure will examine your teeth and come up with the best solution that fits your needs and your budget. Anyone looking for a mini dental implant dentist in Kirkwood, MO should book an appointment with Robert F. Thomure, DDS.

Undergoing a mini dental implant procedure is one of the easiest dental procedures you will ever have. Thanks to the advancement in technology, performing the mini dental implant procedure is now less invasive and often requires less bone. The process is fast, safe, and also relatively painless as well as less intrusive to the gums. This is attributed to the reduced size of the implant.

Knowledgeable in the mini dental implant field, Dr. Robert F. Thomure will ensure that the procedure is smooth with minimal pain and less intrusion. This will allow you to experience quick recovery enabling you to begin the full use of your implants in a short period. Mini dental implants in Kirkwood, MO have gained a lot of popularity due to their affordability. Moreover, these implants give the appearance of natural teeth. This will give you that perfect smile that once seemed unattainable.

Kirkwood, MO patients have welcomed this type of dental procedure citing its numerous benefits mainly in the financial aspect. Mini dental implants are approximately half the price of the traditional dental implants. Its quick healing is an added advantage to patients. Anyone looking to have a long-term solution for their oral well-being should consider mini dental implants in Kirkwood, MO.

For any dental procedures with regards to mini dental implants in Kirkwood, MO schedule an appointment with Robert F. Thomure, DDS. Dr. Thomures’ friendly staff will be more than happy to schedule your appointment that will help you attain the perfect smile. With mini dental implants, you can fully regain your lost confidence. If you have any questions about mini dental implants or would like to schedule a free evaluation, call Kirkwood Station Dental and Dr. Thomure today.